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7 Reasons Why Facebook is the Place to Party!

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2 Billion. Let me repeat, TWO BILLION. No, we’re not talking how many popsicles the CinchTeam has consumed so far in this summer heat (although it’s getting up there)! Two billion is the current stat for how many people are on Facebook every single month…

Published: Sep 10, 2022
2 Billion. Let me repeat, TWO BILLION. No, we’re not talking how many popsicles the CinchTeam has consumed so far in this summer heat (although it’s getting up there)! Two billion is the current stat for how many people are on Facebook every single month which is the main reason why Facebook is the place you should be throwing your online parties. Seems pretty simple: go where the people are. But let’s delve into Facebook a little further so you can see exactly why it’s where you want your business to be: 1. The Facts We’ve already mentioned the big one: 2 billion monthly users and growing. That’s more than enough people for everyone in the direct sales industry to find hosts, recruits and build their business big if they’re doing it the right way. Facebook also has a 76% female audience and we all know that the ladies love to shop and share! 32% of Facebook users check in multiple times a day to see what’s happening. Let’s face it, we all get FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when we aren’t on social these days! Facebook is where the people who use social media are and that’s a fact! 2. It’s Free You don’t have to pay a penny to use Facebook. it’s completely free! Sure, the option is there to run an ad but you never have to spend a cent to market your business or throw a party and neither do your hosts, guests, group members or fans. Everyone that has a Facebook account knows how to navigate through Facebook which leads us to #3. 3. It’s Familiar I honestly don’t know anyone who isn’t on Facebook unless they choose to not be online at all. You know, those anti-technology types, lol. My 88 year old grandma even has a Facebook account and she comments on all my posts! Over the years, Facebook has become a place of comfort and familiarity. People know to look for notifications for Events and expect to get invited to parties by their friends. 4. It’s Easy You already have members in your VIP Group who love your products and they know how to get in touch with you to order more, but why not host an exclusive flash sale once a month right inside your group where they can receive notifications and check out your stash? I doubt anyone would object to seeing what you have to offer them at a discounted price, especially when they’re already used to being a group member and know and trust you as a friend and consultant. Schedule your entire flash sale in seconds with our Batch Post feature so you can cross that off your To Do list and focus on other income producing activities! 5. There’s Variety In your VIP Flash Sale, you have the freedom of posting a variety of post types. Actually, this is true anywhere you post on Facebook whether it be in your FB party, in your group, on your biz page, and even personal timeline. It really makes marketing your business fun and keeps things fresh! Alternating your post types keeps the attention of your guests and followers so be sure to use status posts, image posts, link posts (both video and articles), custom albumsmulti-photo posts, polls, GIFs and let’s not forget about Facebook Live! 6. You’re A Star! Facebook Live is not only a really fun way to show off your personality online, but it’s also an awesome tool to sell your products! No worries about how you look or having a script – it’s always best to be yourself, everyone loves reality shows, right? You can schedule your posts to your parties and mix things up with a live welcome post and a thank you post, and even do a cameo in the middle where you show how you use your favorite product of the month! 7. It’s Comfy and Convenient! Who doesn’t like the sound of partying in their pjs – ahem, that means sans bra – while having fun and making money? Seriously, that’s what sold me on signing up with my direct sales business. I was a new mom and couldn’t get out there to do in-home parties with a newborn. It was awesome to be able to stay home with my baby and party online with not only local people but guests from all over the country – heck, the world! With Facebook, you can expand your customer base as far as your company’s shipping allows and that in itself is amazing! There are plenty more reasons to use Facebook as your online party location and we’d love to hear what your favorites are! Comment below and share with us and be sure to check out all our parties – er, trainings – every Tuesday night at 9pm EST on our CinchShare biz page. Click on the Events tab to view our archives!

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