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The BEST content to post for your Direct Sales business

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Content. It’s a thing. A pretty enormous thing, that can be confusing and overwhelming. But with social media being a vital way of getting your business out there, you can’t avoid creating engaging content. Posting said content. Engaging with your content….

Published: Sep 08, 2022
Content. It’s a thing. A pretty enormous thing, that can be confusing and overwhelming. But with social media being a vital way of getting your business out there, you can’t avoid creating engaging content. Posting said content. Engaging with your content. You must have content in order to succeed. (We heard that big sigh!) No worries, friend, we’re here to help you take the guesswork out of content marketing so you can plan ahead and focus on other important tasks! Here are five types of content that you should be posting for your direct sales business: SMART Product Posts Strategic marketing has been around forever, and for good reason, it works! Think about it, if you only use company photos of your products, do you think it ties them to you, personally, as a business owner? No, not really. Your audience and party guests will be more likely to remember a product and that YOU are the one who sells it if you use your own photos. Including yourself, your friends and your family in your product photos will not only brand them to you, but it will also help others envision themselves and their family and friends using your products too!
Don’t forget to include the family in your product pics! Grandkids are a great prop!
Helpful Tips & Hacks Everyone loves to save time and make their work easier. It’s human nature! Posting content that offers value and/or a solution is always welcome and well received. Try to keep your tips and hacks, as well as recipes, relative to both your business/industry and the time of year. Photos and video are both perfect for this!
Become a resource and they will be back to see what else you have to share!
Humor/Quotes People go online to laugh and learn. Sharing content that puts a smile on someone’s face has an extremely high re-share value – and that is what you want! Memes (pronounced meems) are both snarky and very sharable as are funny videos and quotes about life. #momhumor is super popular!
Make them laugh AND share with some humorous posts!
Games/Contests Whether it’s in your Facebook parties, on your business page, or in your group, games and contests are a HUGE hit! If you’re a CinchShare user, here are a few fun summer games that you can post – if you’re not yet a Cincher, feel free to sign up and check us out with a 37 day free trial (use promo code CinchFree) and you can have access to these games too! Most people are competitive which results in awesome engagement for you – it’s a content win!
Give them a fun game to keep them engaged and wanting more!
Videos Videos can go viral quickly so you should definitely include them in your content marketing strategy. You can schedule a video from Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo that is of value or for entertainment; and going Facebook Live and/or recording your own video is a fantastic way to not only allow your audience to see you as a living, breathing REAL person on the other side of their screen, but video also has great visibility, so be sure to give it a shot! Don’t worry about bloopers – being authentic is what will help you build those relationships!
Show off your products AND your personality in a video!
We hope you use and enjoy these top 5 content types for your Direct Sales business and can’t wait to see your posts in our news feed! Don’t forget to use engagement posts that will be of value to both you AND your audience and include those Call to Actions! Be sure to check out our CinchShare Facebook Party & Marketing Training Faebook group where we have tons of great ideas and tips from the CinchTeam and leaders in the industry – it’s an awesome community and we welcome you to jump on in and join us!  

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