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Getting Started

New User Welcome Guide

Welcome to Cinchshare! We are so excited you are here.

We promise you’ll be a pro in no time. If you need any help getting started, we are here to help.

-The CinchShare Team


So, you’ve signed up for Cinchshare and want to start scheduling your posts…

Getting started is easy! Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to being a Cinchshare pro in no time. For set-up we recommend using Cinchshare in your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)


What you’ll need to get started:

  • Cinchshare account login information
  • Your social network login information
  • Optional: Cinchshare mobile app on IOS or Android


Connect Your Social Networks



Connect your Facebook Group to your Cinchshare account


  1. Go to Group Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the pencil icon next to the Apps section, 
  3. Type “Cinchshare” in the Search Bar
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Refresh your networks in Cinchshare and you will see your Group listed under networks

Connect your Facebook Page to your Cinchshare account

To do this you’ll want to make sure your Facebook Page is linked to your Facebook Group

  1. Go to Group Settings from your Facebook Group
  2. Scroll down to Manage Advanced Settings
  3. Click the pencil icon for Linked Pages
  4. Choose the Business Page you wish to be an Admin of your Group
  5. Refresh your networks in Cinchshare. You’ll find the newly added page nested under the Business Page section


Upload Your Media

To get the most out of your Cinchshare account we suggest taking advantage of the unlimited Cinchshare Cloud Drive! Get all of your content (new and old) in one place and make scheduling your social posts that much easier.

Upload individual or multiple images from the Manage Posts page

  1. Upload directly into your Saved folder or create a new one by selecting the menu bar and clicking the New Folder option
  2. Select the folder menu button and click Upload Media
  3. Select all of the items you wish to add and select Open

You can also upload media by using the Import with Url feature

Schedule Your Posts

You are now ready to schedule your first post! Go you!

Upload new media and schedule a post

  1. Open your Schedule a Post page in your Cinchshare account
  2. Click on the camera icon in the Post Photo of Video section to upload a single or multiple images
  3. To add your content choose either Paste Url or the Upload button, select the image or images you want to use (you can also use media already in your account or from the free Cinchshare content library by choosing the Saved button)
  4. Select the “Update Post” button 
  5. Add your copy to the Post Message section
  6. Select your desired publish date and time
  7. Select what social network or multiple networks you will post to
  8. Click the Schedule Post button


Schedule multiple posts with Batch Post

  1. Choose the saved folder you want to schedule
  2. Select the folder menu and click select all or you can select individual media by selecting the checkbox
  3. Once highlighted select the folder menu again and click the Batch Post button
  4. Select your desired publish date and time
  5. Select the interval time between each post by choosing your desired minutes, hours, or days and then clicking the Apply Interval button.
  6. Select what social network or multiple networks you will post to
  7. Click the Schedule Batch button