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How to stop Facebook posts being turned into Marketplace posts

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Brand new to CinchShare and need to setup your first Facebook party? Here is a step by step guide for you! What if there was a way to expand your customer base by, oh, let’s say an infinite…

Published: Sep 08, 2022

Are you struggling with your posts being marked as marketplace posts?

Why is this happening? Facebook is a massive platform that uses automated filters to keep the platform from being bombarded by spammy sales bots. This is an automated filter that is programmed to look for certain words that spam bots are known to use. The good news? There is a way to avoid the filter! Users that edit posts using these tips below report they no longer have their posts flagged. The ultimate trick? Make your posts more conversational and less like a product listing.

here’s a cheat sheet on how to stop a post from being turned into a marketplace post

While there’s no guarantee (because we are not Facebook and they don’t share their secrets😑), our users do report that following this guideline and changing up their post wording is doing the trick!
The most important tip we can share might seem crazy, but we promise – it is how the best sellers actually sell.

Do not give the sales pitch of the product, but instead focus on providing information and asking questions.

If you give them everything in the post – then they won’t have anything to ask about in the comments. And, those comments are the key to sales AND your post reaching more people in the party!

Swap out the product details and shopping information for “did you know” value and we promise – your posts will do better.

have questions? need help?

CinchShare users can have their posts audited by our team at no cost. Just click that Help button in the top right of your CinchShare account. Not yet a CinchShare user? That’s okay! We are still here to help. Join our Facebook Group where our CEO Jennifer Johnson answers your questions personally! Plus, we have free trainings every Tuesday night at 9pm EST that are packed full of knowledge and freebies!

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